Sunday, December 20, 2009

fading in and out

Mom's starting to wake up, but she's fading in and out. At one point, I asked her whether she was hungry, and she nodded. But right now, Mom's eyes are closed, and she seems to be asleep.

I say, Let Mom sleep. She's got an MRI tomorrow, and will have to be awakened rather early-- around 10AM-- so that she can be out the door by 11:45. The appointment's been set for 12:30PM.

Breaking news: I just found out that Mom's surgery has been scheduled for 8:30AM on Tuesday morning. The hospital had called Dad, but he hadn't checked his voice mail messages until this morning.

UPDATE, 3:29PM: Mom's awake. Dad sat her up, gave her her meds, and fed her a granola bar and chocolate protein bar. Mom's got to have a shower and change, but before that can happen, I need to go out and buy a plastic folding chair for Mom to use in the shower.

David's on the train and on his way over here. He ought to be arriving in Penn Station around 6PM, and will be at the hotel before 7. He plans to stay with us all the way through Mom's operation, and will ride back with us. I'm hoping we'll have eaten enough food to reduce the amount of sheer stuff in the van; otherwise, David might not have a place to sit!


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