Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mom moved to ICU

[NB: If you missed the previous blog post about Mom going into the ER after suffering respiratory distress, see here.]

Mom's been moved to the ICU. They say she's "septic," i.e., rife with infection. It's possible she has pneumonia, perhaps after brief exposure to the New York (or northern Virginia) chill as we moved her from place to place.

I'm in the hotel room, cleaning up after Mom's incontinence and making ready to go back to the hospital to see her. Dad and my brothers are there by her side.

UPDATE, 3:44AM: I'm at the ICU, and Dad and my brothers are not by Mom's side: they're in the ICU waiting room, and they haven't had a chance to see Mom yet. This worries me. Right now, I'm wondering what poor Mom is going through, and whether she'll make it through the night.


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