Friday, December 25, 2009

it's happening

My thanks to all the people who tried, from last night through this morning, to see about procuring a cello. In the end, Sean's musician friend Carolyn (I hope I'm spelling that right) came through and found Sean a good cello in a protective carrying case that looks like the fuselage of a Stealth fighter. Carolyn, you rock.

Sean spent some time running through memorized tunes while at the hotel, and now he's setting up at the ICU. I'm at the hotel to procure my digicam so we can have some photos to mark the event. Not sure whether I'll blog them; I might blog one or two, simply because it's Christmas, and not a typical Christmas, either.

Thank you all.

Oh, yes: Mom reacted to my presence today when I took her hand. David and Dad were already there, and they said that that reaction was the strongest one they'd yet seen. Later on, Mom seemed to move one of her legs. She's been taken off a lot of the IV bags she'd had, but is still on the ventilator. However, her dependence on the ventilator continues to lessen, which is very good news. The docs seem firmer that Mom's main infection is MRSA (so David told me), and they also said that Mom has a bladder infection, possibly related to the constant use of diapers.

More on Mom later. I've got a concert to go to.


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