Saturday, June 20, 2009

almost unseen progress

I'm done making and serving a huge fried-rice lunch for the parents; a home care nurse is here to change Mom's dressings and look her over.

The big news, though, is that Mom is now strong and mobile enough to get sneaky. Dad was out on an errand, and I was the one both watching over Mom and trying to prep lunch while keeping Mom in my line of sight. I had to dodge downstairs to grab some frozen items for the fried rice, but when I got to the downstairs fridge, I suddenly heard heavy footsteps on the floor above me. My first thought was that Dad had come back, but with mounting alarm I realized that that wasn't the case: I'd heard none of the upstairs doors open or close. I ran upstairs, and discovered that the living room couch was empty: no Mom. Fearing that Mom had taken a tumble, I hurried down the hallway... and found Mom nicely settled into the bathroom, looking for all the world as if this were how things have always been.

Just yesterday, Mom had been walking, but she wouldn't have been capable of standing up on her own. Today, somehow, within the space of barely a minute, she had levered herself to her feet, ambled down the hall, and taken care of her own clothing upon entering the bathroom.

This is nothing short of incredible, but it's also a sign to me that I can no longer afford to assume that Mom can be allowed out of my sight. She's proven herself capable of spontaneous mobility. Every yang has its yin, and this newest development is no different: it's cause for both joy and caution.



Anonymous said...

Did she remember to put her helmet on when she went into the bathroom?

Kevin Kim said...