Tuesday, June 16, 2009

imminent freedom?

According to David, who came to the hospital last night, Mom was decatheterized. I also noticed that Mom's cranial drain has been removed. These are good things, but Mom now needs to call a nurse to help her walk to the bathroom.

A few minutes ago, Dad mentioned that Dr. Wolk will be back to see us. We plan to ask him about the wisdom of discharging Mom today. Much depends on his answers: if he feels Mom's anemia, low blood count, and low potassium aren't problematic, and that Mom's lack of mobility isn't a major issue, then we might consent to taking Mom home. If we still have a bad feeling about all this after hearing the facts, we'll insist on keeping Mom here until she's truly stable.

As of 11:30AM, Mom is once again sleeping. Earlier, she sampled some food given to her by Mrs. Quigg-- two types of Korean soup plus rice.

Mom was somewhat talkative when she saw us come in at 10:30. I was happy to see this. Mrs. Walters apparently left Mom a card, but the card seems to have disappeared. Mom insisted that the card was "here," but when I asked her to show it to me, she lapsed into silence.

11:40AM: Mom's about to get her head and leg dressings changed. More later.


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Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention that mom was on a potassium chloride drip last night, tew. There was a piece of paper on the window ledge and it looks as though she's supposed to get 4 packets of this stuff... but I probably read it wrong. You might want to inquire about how often she'll need the potassium chloride drip, and whether she'll need it administered at home... and if the home nurse will have to test mom's blood for all of these levels... (which I think was already going to happen when she was home)