Friday, June 19, 2009

ramping it up

We've got folks from church coming by in the morning to look over our property and see what can be done about building a code-compliant handicap access ramp for Mom and her future wheelchair(s). The construction itself will take place later; I'm not clear on when, but I imagine it will happen soon. My thanks go out to Pastor Jeri for coordinating all this, and to Mr. Frady, his son, and Mr. Dickstein for their kind involvement in this project.

It's late, and my addled brain is imagining the ramp-building as if it were a scene from "The Ten Commandments," with whip-wielding taskmasters and a young Yul Brynner barking to no one in particular, "Let us see if they can make bricks without straw!"


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Unknown said...

I worked with Don on a Christmas in April project in which he built a great ramp. He is fantastic at this. It is my understanding that he also put in a ramp at Neil Meulin's house. Let me know if you need any help.