Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PICC line issues

Two home health nurses visited us at 11AM. They got Mom's history, redid her wound dressings... and noticed that Mom's PICC line wasn't letting anything through it, a fact Dad had discovered last night when attempting to give Mom her first infusion of daptomycin. Mom will have to have the PICC either flushed out or replaced. In either case, this will mean driving Mom back to Fairfax Hospital in the next few minutes. In the case of PICC replacement, I'm hoping this will be an outpatient procedure.

As a result of this latest development, the remaining visits by various health care professionals are being cancelled (as is Dad's dental appointment, which is now rescheduled for tomorrow).

We leave as soon as Mom finishes lunch.

Just FYI, Mom slept well last night and is about as talkative today as she was yesterday. She's trying hard to walk on her own, but the effort tires her out quickly, and her balance is fairly shot: even when she's sitting down, she tends to list to one side.

She'll definitely need a wheelchair once she reaches the ER today.

More updates by BlackBerry likely.


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