Thursday, June 18, 2009

...and then there was Suzanne

While the title of this post might suggest a love story, I'm afraid I must report that Suzanne is a health care professional sent over by Inova, not the reason for my existence. She stayed here from about 11 to noon, checking Mom's vitals and redoing her dressings. Today was something of a teaching session, with Suzanne showing me, step by step, the process by which to change Mom's dressings. Dad would have stayed, but he had a dental appointment (and has another this coming Monday; the process of replacing his lost tooth requires several sessions).

Suzanne won't be coming back; she's the "admitting" nurse for home care, i.e., she's the vanguard, the one who gets us into the home care routine. Other nurses will be involved in the care of Mom's dressings, her physical therapy, etc., from here on in.

I signed a few consent forms and reviewed some of the information pertinent to home care, and then Suzanne left.

Ah, yes: one of the happier aspects of Suzanne's visit was that I had the chance to look at Mom's scalp again. It still looks fine, which is reassuring. At this point, we're super-paranoid about the return of any serious infection. No news is good news.


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