Tuesday, June 16, 2009

back to the home

Mrs. Faircloth, the lady who spent some time in the bed next to Mom's, was taken away-- still quite weak and bedridden-- in the early afternoon, a few hours before Mom's own discharge. A nurse confirmed that she was being taken back to her nursing home. I can only hope the poor woman doesn't fall again: I saw the terrible bruising all up and down on her right forearm, and felt a pang for her.

I never did confirm the identity of the gentleman who visited her during the second and third days of her time in the hospital, but I'm pretty sure this man was her son. He and I exchanged cordial nods on two occasions. He seemed friendly enough-- not as withdrawn as I can be. I was glad he was there for Mrs. Faircloth. I wish them both well.


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A Wandering Heart said...

Kevin, Tell your mom I'm praying for her and I think of her often ... and you guys too! Please give her a hug and kiss from me. Love, Nancy Blackman (Kopf)