Monday, June 15, 2009

wanting to avoid a repeat performance

We're going to lobby for Mom to remain in hospital a little longer. The more I thought about it throughout the day, the more uneasy I felt about allowing Mom to be discharged in the next 24-36 hours. If infection was the problem before, then how is releasing her now a better solution? Her potassium level is down, she's anemic, and her blood counts are low (I'm no medical professional, so it's possible these are all interrelated and/or overlapping problems). Signs point to immunodepression-- precisely the sort of scenario that can invite MRSA back into Mom's skull. I also harbor a suspicion that although Mom initially caught MRSA in the ICU when she arrived there on the evening of April 16, her time at home after the first operation wasn't helpful, either. Perhaps we could have done something more to promote hygiene-- stopped her from picking at her scalp, washed her more frequently and more thoroughly-- something. Home isn't necessarily any safer than the hospital.

We want to avoid making mistakes this time around, given how important it is that Mom's various incisions and wounds heal. Without healing, she can't resume therapy. Without therapy, there's no hope of fighting the tumor, a goodly percentage of which (roughly 10-20%) was never removed.

More on this tomorrow.

ADDENDUM: It's my understanding that the Walters came by to see Mom today. Dad, Sean, and I had already left, and David might not have arrived by the time the Walters came by, but I thank them for taking the time and making the effort to visit, even though we didn't have the chance to meet.


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