Thursday, June 18, 2009

the little things

Thankful for the little things:

1. We gave Mom a sponge bath this afternoon. When we were done, we set her in the rolling office chair that has served as her wheelchair for the past two days, with the purpose of rolling her from the bathroom back to the living room. As Dad began slowly pulling Mom backward to the living room, I jokingly called out from the bathroom, "Bye! Have a great trip!" Mom's reply as she crossed the threshold and rolled into the hallway?


2. Before David came to visit tonight, he called the house. We put David on speakerphone since he likes verbally clowning around for the benefit of anyone listening, especially Mom. True to form, David started singing his own twisted, faux-Korean version of "Arirang," a much-beloved song in Korean culture. Mom laughed and responded by faintly warbling the first half of the first verse of the song:

Arirang, arirang
Arirang gogae-ro neomeo ganda!

These are the moments we live for.


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