Friday, June 19, 2009

chaise roulante et condoléances

Our heartfelt thanks go to the Grant family for allowing Dad to come pick up their wheelchair earlier in the day. Mom was busy re-learning how to walk, but Dad and I tested the chair out, and it was great. We're glad to have it around. Mom might not want to use it right now, but we're going to need it eventually.

It's not my place to reveal sensitive matters about another family on this blog, but I do feel it necessary to express my-- our-- sincere condolences to the Grants as they deal with the very recent loss of a loved one. To help us out while they deal with their own pain is... well, there are no words for such compassion.


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jeanie oliver said...

I had not been by your blog in a while and I am so sorry to hear of the struggle that your family is facing. I just checked in on Jeff Hodges' blog and his heartfelt writing about your mom led back here to catch up with you and your family.
Platitudes are useless, I know,but I will keep your mom in my thoughts.
take care,
Jeanie Oliver